When you have your own web hosting server, virtual or dedicated, you can launch your own hosting reseller business and to earn good money in a niche that is maintaining growth every year. With the growing need for sites, you will need only three things to start - a server; a payment application, that is the connection between your electronic store and the website hosting space; and an account with a billing processor, that will enable you to accept online payments. While there're ready-made reseller applications available, the usage of your own server will provide you with more control over the software environment. To be able to set up server-side software, for example, provides you with a benefit over competitors and will mean more happy customers. When you use a standard reseller program, the accounts are made on a shared server, which means that no software can be installed and, for that reason, some Internet sites may not work correctly. Having your own reseller company gives you the option to generate a profit, while you can still use the server for your personal Internet sites too.
Reselling Options in VPS Hosting
We'll make it very easy for you to create a hosting company when you buy one of our virtual private servers packages. Throughout the signup process, you can pick the cPanel or the DirectAdmin website hosting Control Panel and not only will you have full root access to the server with all of them, but you can also generate hosting packages, since they both feature a reseller level too. In addition, with DirectAdmin you can even have resellers of your own. Any VPS package ordered with cPanel features 2 additional options that will help you start a reseller business free of cost. The first one is an eNom domain name reseller account, that excludes the deposit you'll need to pay if you decide to sign up with them directly, while the second is a registered copy of ClientExec - a billing and support software app, that will make it very simple for you to create packages, to bill your customers and to provide ticket support. Our VPS plans enable you to launch your web business with nominal expenses and they include all the tools which you need for that.
Reselling Options in Dedicated Web Hosting
The dedicated server plans that we provide will enable you to start your own hosting company quickly and easily. They offer a lot of processing power, physical memory and disk space to support a a large number of clients, no matter the kind of sites they run. You will also have root access to the server, which means that you can add any server-side app. Our packages feature three separate hosting Control Panels and two of them - cPanel and DirectAdmin, are perfect for your new website hosting company, because they have two separate levels - client and reseller. When you obtain the server with cPanel, we'll also give you a domain name reseller account along with a billing/support solution named ClientExec for free, therefore you will be completely independent and you will have full control over what's going on with your server and with the customers' Internet sites. If you wish to take another approach, on the other hand, DirectAdmin will allow you to have resellers of your own who can do the job of finding the end customers, while they pay for the reseller plan.